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  • June 20, 2021
Team E Skates To KIHA Ironman Tournament Victory (Times 3!!!)

Get ready for three similar headlines.

>> Team E Skates To KIHA D-2 Ironman Tournament Victory
>> Team E Captures KIHA D-3 Ironman Tournament
>> Team E Triumphs In KIHA D-4 Ironman Tournament

So, in thee different divisions at Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas last week, Teams A, B, C, D and F did not come out on top.

Somehow, E was the magic letter in the three season-kickoff Ironmans. In these Ironman tourneys, rosters of five or six players competed in three round-robin, 10-minute games before the consolation, semifinals and finals.

Hockey is back and league competition has resumed in Divisions 1 through 4, Over-35, and all youth divisions.

The 2021 summer mini-season will continue through June, with the fall season to start up soon afterward.

See also — VIDEO: D-2 Semifinal Winning Goal As Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas Returns To League Play

In March, KIHA opened its doors after more than a year of closure due to COVID-19. Pickup games were held four nights a week so players could prepare for the beginning of the summer season last week.

Photos of the D-2, D-3 and D-4 winning teams are below, followed by more KIHA news.


Summer 2021 KIHA D-2 Ironman Tournament winners: Jason Cummings, Johnny Dyer, Stephen DiLorenzo, Ryan Shimanuki, Garrett Stackhouse, and goaltender Kaena Humber. Not pictured: Josh Durand.


Summer 2021 KIHA D-3 Ironman Tournament winners: Adam Gooden, Kelii Gannet, Chris Kae, Rob Moylan, Brysson Nikaido, Kaz White and goaltender Will Gabor.


Summer 2021 KIHA D-4 Ironman Tournament winners are, front row (left to right) Jason Asato, goaltender Brian Tricarico, Phouthasin Khemmanivong. Back row: Jordan Nahoi-Baricar, Julie Nahoi-Baricar, KT Kaneshiro and Sebastian Trujillo.


Public Skating Returns After More Than A Year

KIHA public skating is back after more than a year of being a no-go.

The new public skating hours are:

>> Fridays from 6-11 p.m.
>> Saturdays from 3-11 p.m.
>> Sundays from 1-6 p.m.

Sunday Open Hockey Is Back

Both the Gecko and Warrior rinks will be open for pickup hockey (also called Open hockey) on Sundays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Normally during the Sunday sessions, pickup hockey is held on one rink with the other rink available for individual practice.

The Sunday pickup hockey through the years has typically been intermediate level, but higher and lower levels of players often join in.

COVID-19 Vaccination Mobile Clinic At KIHA Is Saturday

See information below for a COVID-19 vaccination day planned at KIHA.

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