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  • April 12, 2021
LIVE BLOG: Punahou vs. Kamehameha Girls Volleyball (Always A Smashing Affair)

Well, baby, here we go. Now we’re talking. Now we’re singing. Now we’re in rhythm.

And no traffic. What’s happening here? Are we in the midst of a pandemic?

High school volleyball season kicked off last week in many gyms, but it doesn’t REALLY get underway until the powerhouses go at it.

So, yes, big high school sporting events are back — even if the athletes are wearing masks because of the COVID-19 virus that wiped away most other sports in the 2020-21 school year.

That’s why Bedrock Sports Hawaii is here at Hemmeter Fieldhouse to cover Kamehameha at Punahou on the girls side. Always a smashing affair.

Also in the house is Spectrum sports, so you can go watch the match on TV if you want and you still have cable.

Kamehameha hitter Devin Kahahawai is an impact player in the ILH.

The match is about to start:

Punahou sophomore Grace Fiaseu hit against the defense of Kamehameha’s Moana Peaua. ( photo by Nick Abramo).


Punahou got off to a fast 5-1 start and leads 9-5 with overall great team play.

But Kamehameha — after many early mistakes — is chipping away at the momentum on the play of Devin Kahahawai and Maui Robins and setter Kahiau Ka’alele.

Robins just put down a vicious kill on a Ka’alele set to cut the Buffanblu lead to 10-7.

And the Warriors continue very much in the groove with a Adriana Arquette smash and it’s now 10-8.

Punahou is looking to steal the momentum back.

But it’s not happening yet. Ka’alele strikes with a big smash and it’s 11-9.

The Buffanblu increase their lead to 15-11, thanks in part to a kill from Lucky-Rose Williams and some more sloppy play by the Warriors.

A really close call here, a kill attempt by the Warriors is called out. It looked really close. Would love to see the TV replay on that one.

Chris Blake, the Kamehameha coach, calls timeout. Good timing. His girls are now down 19-13. Not out of it, but the Warriors will be toast in this set if they don’t turn it around now.

Let’s see if he can make the right adjustments.

It’s now 19-14 after a Moana Peaua block for the Warriors. So far so good for Blake after the timeout.

Ahhhh, that ended fast. A serve into the net. Not the first time (probably about the third time) on the night that’s happened. Punahou 20-14.

Robins hits wide, but gets it back on a kill on the next point. Punahou leads 21-15.

On the next point, Kamehameha is called for four hits — 22-15.

Buffanblu setter Jaclyn Matias feeds Williams for a booming kill, 23-15.

A trade of bad serves brings us to 24-16 before Punahou locks up the first set on Grace Fiaseu’s block.

Set one final score: Punahou 25, Kamehameha 16

Set one top performer: Kahahawai with four kills and a block.



Gee, I hope the net is not slanted. Because of COVID-19, the teams do not switch sides.

Kahahawai gets three early kills, but the Buffanblu respond with kills from Sia Liilii, Belle Iosua and two by Williams for a 7-4 edge.

Is a timeout by the Warriors coming?

It should be noted that the Buffablu starting libero Kate Yoshimoto is having a big game so far. A little bit ago, she took the sting off a Kahahawai blast. On the other side, Warriors libero Halo Yoshiki is flying all over the place for digs.

Another Williams kill makes it 9-5 for Punahou. And then Williams comes through with a block for a 10-5 count.

Interesting — the Warriors are trailing 13-6 and still no block. Blake is disputing a call right now.

Blake calls timeout.

A Fiaseu kill and Williams boomer on a set from Matias helps the get the lead to 16-6. Blake calls another timeout.

It’s unusual that the Warriors are behind by this much.

Robins, Kahahawai and Ka’alele all come up with Kamehameha kills to cut the lead to 16-10.

A Kahahawai block gets to Kamehameha within six at 17-11.

Yoshimoto goes to the line with Punahou leading 19-12. And now it’s 20-12 after Matias sets Yoshiki for a kill.

Punahou coach Tanya Fuamatu-Anderson talking to her girls in the huddle after a timeout. Kamehameha listening to an assistant coach in a huddle. Now the Warriors girls are in the huddle by themselves, arm in arm, no coaches.

Matias scores with a surprise kill. It’s 21-14.

An Iosua kill brings it to 22-15 and then an Iosua block of Robins makes it 23-15.

A Robins thundering kills gets Kamehameha to 23-16.

Williams’ kill pushes the score to 24-16. Match point.

Robins blast ones to push it to 24-17. Match point Number two.

A Buffanblu hitting mistake and it’s 24-18.

And now the match ends, Williams drills one on a set by Matias.

Set 2 final score: Punahou 25, Kamehameha 18

Final match score: Punahou 2, Kamehameha 0 (25-16, 25-18)


Note to readers: Look on BedrockSportsHawaii’s home page for more on this match.

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