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  • September 23, 2021
KIHA Hockey Players’ Summer Vacation — More Hockey, Of Course

Busy, busy, busy.

Hockey, hockey, hockey.

So what did you do on your summer vacation? Get away from hockey for a little while?

Not these Kapolei Inline Hockey Association players. Many went to play in the North American Roller Hockey Championships in Irvine, Calif.

Two KIHA players went to an inline hockey camp in Wisconsin. Another was at a camp in Lake Tahoe.

Below are some photos from NARCH that Julie Nahoi-Baricar-Baricar at KIHA collected.

Skye Tittle, playing for the HI-Chew 13-U team, and Sammy Chun and Satori Pongklub,
playing for the OC Blades 13-U team.

Kiyomi Chun and Miyuki Akana, playing for
the Rink Rat OG SAVS women’s team.

Jon Chun, Kimo Chun and Dane Masada,
playing for the Mavin Doobie team.

Mason Mattson, playing
for the Pure Octane 12-U team.

Scotty Mattson, playing for the Pure Octane 10-Under team.
Jordan Nahoi-Baricar, playing for the Sin City Barons’ 18-U team.
He also played for the 14-U OC Blades.
Jaden Nahoi-Baricar, playing for the Konixx Outcast 18-U team.
Below is a shot from the Lake Tahoe camp.

Aaron Ing at a Lake Tahoe Pro Ambitions Camp. Ing will be attending
a boarding school, Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, to play ice hockey this fall.

And the photo  below is from the Wisconsin camp.

Kyler Okamoto and Kawena Lee
at a college prospect camp in Wisconsin.

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