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  • September 23, 2021
Hui Waa Hits The Water For Competition And A Salute To The 2022 States

The next canoe racing state championship regatta is at least a year away, and Hawaii’s paddling community can’t wait.

Due to COVID-19, Na Ohana O Na Hui Waa has not been able to put on its usual summer regatta-style competitions, but that doesn’t mean the athletes haven’t been getting in the water for competition.

Instead of regattas, Hui Waa continues to run distance-style races (from six to 12 miles) to keep the clubs’ paddlers active.

Last Saturday, Hui Waa hit the water for its fourth distance-style competition of the summer at Sand Island. This time, the competition was held in salute to what everyone in the sport is hoping will happen in the future — the 2022 Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association Regatta State Championships next August. Saturday was the day the 2021 championships were originally scheduled to be held.

pastedGraphic.pngManu O Ke Kai paddlers go through the paces in
a Hui Wa’a race earlier this year.

Results of Saturday’s distance race are below:

Short Course

>> Women’s junior: 1. Ka Māmalahoe 1 hour, 6 minutes, 38 seconds (Alexys Saena, Grace Jansson, Jodi Yamane, Erin Tanaka, Gerricka Pang, Grace Golis-Bautista).
>> Women’s masters 50: 1. ʻĀlapa Hoe Canoe Club 1:03.57 (Carmen Pilien, Pam Kuehl, Lei Cunningham, Mikihala De Fiesta, Tracey Parker, Nora Cesar Blanco).
>> Men’s junior: 1. Ka Māmalahoe 54:00 (Ezra Saena, Kalama Metyer, Christopher Kashimoto, Daniel Matsunaka, Dorian Golis Bautista, Logan Ledesma); 2. Ka Māmalahoe 57:14.
>> Men’s masters 65: 1. Hawaiian Kanaktion 51:59 (Raymond Lii, Dannis Salas, Loka Lii, Chris Smith, Harold Akeo, Carl Evansen).
>> Men’s masters 70: 1. Ka Mamamalahoe 1:12:39 (Norbert Kitashima, “Burt” Uhr, “Jerry” Alegria, “Kimball” Thompson, Lee Buhre, Bruce Ames).

Long Course

>> Women’s open: 1. Waikiki Beach Boys 1:09:36 (Traci Aquino, Tanya Von Detten, Emily Perry, Cindy Ahai, Myriam Vilmen, Janelle Komatsu).
>> Women’s masters 40: 1. Windward Kai 1:13:31 (Ursula Gibson, Liz Jacobsen, Ronnie Huddy, Petra Patton, Kristi Weiss, Annette Meyers).
>> Mixed open: 1. Olelo O Keola 1:09:01 (Shanan Seamster , Amber Rollison, Sierra Burgon, Greg Vondiziano, William Dunn, Marvin Shelton); 2. Waikiki Beachboys 1.10.00.
>> Mixed masters 40: 1. Hawaiian Kanaktion 1:07:42 (Tai Okamura, Bobby Takei, Boyd Yap, Katy Bourne, Deborah Deshais , Jill Masunaga); 2. New Hope Canoe Club (Nahoa Pili O Ke Kai) 1:10:53; 3. Kamehameha 1:13:23.
>> Men’s open: 1. Hui Nalu 56:56 (Ricky Ikeda, Mike Vonbargen, Noah Paoa-Kannegeisser, John Arapari, Brandon Winslow, Gavin Hanoa); 2. Hui Nalu 59:07.
>> Men’s masters 40: 1. Hui Nalu 57:58 (Jason Daley, Swenson Ikertang , Ed Wheeler, Lyon Despres, Jeff Iwashita, Noeland Caldeira); 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 1:04:33.
>> Men’s masters 50: 1. Olelo O Keola 1:03:04 (Albert Seamster, Mark Denzer, Aaron Brown, Loy Kuo, Kevin Mokuahi, Todd Sandvold); 2. Hui Nalu 1:03:07; 3. Awaiauluokala 1:09:20.
>> Unlimited: 1. Keahiakahoe 1:01:49 (Leela Goldstein, Tina Larson, Ayako Ancheta, William Manera, Bary Ewaliko, Blane Chong); 2. Awaiauluokala 1:02:34.



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