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  • May 13, 2021
Hawaii’s Victoria Lee, Only 16, Plans To Make MMA Waves Like Sister Angela And Brother Christian

Hawaii’s Victoria Lee is not done high school, but by turning pro, she is done with high school wrestling for Mililani.

That’s because Lee — a 16-year-old junior in high school — signed with One Championship a few weeks ago. She’s following in the same path as sister Angela Lee, the One atomweight world champion, and Christian Lee, the One lightweight world title holder.

Michael Schiavello of One Championship interviewed Victoria and Angela for a video soon after the signing to get some insight into what Victoria is planning to do in the mixed martial arts world.

Oahu’s Lee MMA family: Christian, Victoria, Adrian and Angela. (Photo from Instagram).

Angela was clear that she thinks Victoria is doing the right thing at such a young age.

“She’s so talented,” said big sis. “I can’t wait for you to see what skills she has when she makes her debut. She’s wise beyond her years. We’ve always called her an old soul. She loves oldies music … very mature for her age. That’s why I think she’s well equipped for all that comes with this fame and this path that she’s chosen. So, I think she’s going to do fine, especially with the help from her family.”


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Victoria, who won the 117-pound Hawaii state wrestling championship as a sophomore earlier this year, knows she has many people in her corner out there but also detractors who think she is too young to be an MMA professional.

“I’m so appreciative of the support I’m getting online,” she said. “As for the negative comments, I don’t read into it too much and I don’t let it bother me.”

Schiavello posed an interesting question to Angela, asking what she would do if Victoria, who is a training partner now, ever challenged her for the top spot in the Atomweight division.

“If that happens (down the line), I think that might (eventually) be a time for Victoria and the new generation to step in,” Angela said. “She’s a very dangerous opponent. I have to prepare very carefully for her. She’s a younger, faster version of me. She has the skill-set. She has the talent. She’s something special.”

Angela Lee won the 121-pound Hawaii wrestling state championship as a Mililani student in 2013. Christian Lee, also wrestling for Mililani, placed third at 160 pounds at states in 2015.

For Bedrock Sports Hawaii readers who want a better understanding of Oahu’s own
Angela Lee, watch this
YouTube video of her every One Championship match.

Watch Michael Schiavello’s interview with Angela and Victoria Lee (above).

Watch video of Christian Lee’s latest bout.

Angela Lee’s ONE Championship record:
>> Bouts: 12
>> Wins: 10
>> By KO: 1
>> By submission: 7
>> By decision: 2
>> Losses: 2
>> By KO: 1
>> By decision: 1

Christian Lee’s One Championship record:
>> Bouts: 17
>> Wins: 14
>> By KO: 9
>> By submission: 4
>> By decision: 1
>> Losses: 3
>> By submission: 1
>> By disqualification: 1

Watch Hawaii Prep World’s video of Victoria Lee’s wrestling state championship-clinching victory in February.

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