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  • September 23, 2021
Dreaming Big On The Launch Pad Between Voluntary Layoff And All-Systems-Go Liftoff

Rocket man, burning up his fuse up here alone.

Elton John “Rocket Man”

Where do we go from here? Which is the way that’s clear?”

David Essex “Rock On”

The first song above came out in 1972. The second: 1973.

Here we are going on 50 years and this stuff is still in my head.

So, let’s apply these lyrics to my life. Well, I’m not an astronaut and I’m not alone, but starting this website was kind of a big thing for me. God, I’m damned proud of it.

But in a way, I’m alone. No boss. No co-workers. Kind of like a solo ride in space, or, if you will, cyberspace. Yeah? And it’s been nothing but absolutely GREAT, with a great view of the world not constrained by temporal things like bosses and co-workers and commuting.

The second song is more apt to where I’m at, though. Where is this endeavor headed? So far, the readership and support has been outstanding!!!

All I know is there is a ton of potential for sports websites in the new world of Internet journalism. And the ground is especially fertile in sports-crazed Hawaii.

Pen is on paper, fingers are on the keyboard and, God willing,
the direction the Bedrock websites is going is UP.
(Image credit:

So the goal is to go grow and grow and grow, and so it’s true that I’m dreaming big while sitting here in between a voluntary layoff from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser in June 2020 and the hope of an all-systems-go liftoff to a bright future that is beckoning.

A well-placed “brought to you by” commercial: Thank you, thank you, thank you, first and foremost to Waikiki Malia Outrigger Hotel, Rivals Waikiki, and Ray Prosek’s Re/Max Aloha Homes. They are the top dogs as far as sponsoring the Bedrock sites so far. But there are more who rate high with their immense support: Astrategy Marketing with Alison Koyanagi, Lotus Designs with Kalani Watt, Aurora Design and Consulting with Trip Rems, LBD Coffee with Les Drent, with Vince Abramo, with Cindy Luis, Amare Global, ZZType with Blaine Fergerstrom, My Glass Guy with Ryan Donohue, and Cappello Truck Center with Kristen and Jimmy Cappello.

So while waiting between layoff and liftoff, the top 35 most-read stories are linked below. It’s for your reading enjoyment — a value-added bonus!!! Plus, I figure if you scan the headlines, you may come across something that piques your interest.

The links below are numbered 1 through 35 and are separated by the various publications the stories ran in.

Aloha. Mahalo. Selah.
Nick Abramo. June 24, 2021.

(Between layoff and liftoff, as of June 24, 2021)

>> 1. There Are Better Answers Than Suicide, Pearl City Football Player’s Family And Friends Reflect
>> 10. (tie) Sacred Hearts Cheerleader Cayla Cabanban May Lose Out On Dream Of Becoming A 4-Time State Champion
>> 15. Hilo And Waipahu’s Sean Saturnio Is Experiencing Glorious Days As An Army Football Assistant
>> 16. Hawaii Wrestlers Compete In College From Coast To Coast
>> 19. A Big Box Store, Patience And 2 Incoming University of Hawaii Freshmen Volleyball Players Intersect
>> 24. NFL Ref Matt Sumstine Calls Out For Women (And Men) To Learn How To Officiate
>> 27. 4-Time Hawaii State Champ Peanut Terukina To Wrestle At Iowa State
>> 28. A Pile Of Underclassmen Push ‘Iolani Boys To ILH Swimming Championship
>> 29. Hawaii’s Cody Cabanban Wins National Wrestling Title And Liam Corbett Is A JUCO All-American Again
>> 30. NY Jets’ Leo Koloamatangi, The Former Hawaii Center, Is Assisting Kupuna With Food Delivery
>> 32. Hunter Hirayama Is Saint Louis Baseball Team’s Scrappy Doo
>> 33. Opinion: Kahuku Will Get To Keep ‘Red Raiders’ Name, But Not The Mascot And Tomahawk Chop
>> 34. Mid-Pacific Basketball Team Photo Tells The Story Of Lost Dreams And Future Resilience
>> 35. Hawaii’s Blaysen Terukina Rolls To NAIA National Wrestling Championship
>> 3. Marlboro’s John Winske Is A Kentucky Derby Winning rose Owner And A Hoot And A Half
>> 6. Part 2: Talking Story With The Fine Sports People Of The “Boroughs’
>> 8. A Quick Look Back At Some Incredible 1970s Marlboro High Girls Athletes (And The 1977 Convention!!)
>> 9. Back In The Saddle: Seventh Grade Hooliganism And The Amazing Marlboroites Who Paid A Visit
>> 10. (tie) No Marlboro vs. Hudson Thanksgiving Day Game? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me????!!!!
>> 12. Marlboro Loses Supreme Hockey Builder Wes Tuttle
>> 13. Talking Story With Many Of The Ol’ Sports People In The ‘Boroughs’
>> 17. Part 3: Talking Story With The Fine Sports People Of The ‘Boroughs’
>> 18. High Tops And No Socks: An Ode To The Doctor
>> 20. The Spirited, Six-Decade Adventures Of Surfer Joe
>> 21. Time Traveling With Assabet Valley Aztecs And Marlboro Shamrocks Kicker Pat Caruso
>> 23. Ges’ ‘My Old Friend’ Is The Album Of The Year That You Can Only Hear Here
>> 25. This Forum Gives Me A Chance To Tell The World That Gerry Abramo Was A Great Artist
>> 26. Liam Shanahan — Of Marlboro, Ivy And LSU Stock — Could Hit The Long Ball, Too and
>> 2. The Crushing Loss Of Two Amazing Men — Billy Sullivan and Ron LaFreniere — In One Day
>> 14. A Tale Of 2 Rings: Love And A Nice Look Back to Marlboro High School Days

Community Advocate
>> 4. Marlboro’s Ken Reynolds Played Pro Baseball But Found His True Passion In Teaching
>> 5. Hudson’s Tommy Williams Lived A Brilliant Hockey Life, Weathered Tragedy
>> 7. In Shrewsbury, Mario Marchisio Remembered as No-Frills 196-s Football Trailblazer
>> 22. Westboro’s Harry Crump ‘Thumped’ His Way Into The Football History Books
>> 31. Top NHL Jerseys Discussion Nourishes ‘Social Closeness-ing’

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