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  • October 21, 2021

Nick Abramo

PAC-5 Football Program Faces Arduous Dogfight To Stay Intact

Football players are knocked down all the time and they get up. After receiving some incredibly bad news recently, the PAC-5 football team has figuratively hit the ground. But can the Wolfpack coaches, administrators and players stand up and gain solid footing? PAC-5 athletic director Peter Estomago and the coaches are hopeful, but they know it […]Read More


RIVALS WAIKIKI BASEBALL GAME OF THE WEEK Cool Saturday nights in Hawaii are just perfect for baseball — without masks on. But since we’re still in the grip of a COVID-19 pandemic, any kind of baseball will do just fine. With players, coaches and umpires wearing masks at Hans L’Orange Park in Waipahu and no fans […]Read More

Part 2: Talking Story With The Fine Sports People Of

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 in an ongoing series that will run in the Marlboro and Hawaii websites in the Bedrock Sports chain. — One of the categories readers can go to at Bedrock Sports is “Inexhaustible Universe of Athletics.” Kind of wordy, yeah? You’re right. But it’s exactly the right title. The world of […]Read More

Talking Story With Many Of The Ol’ Sports People In

Yeah, yeah. You can call it the ol’ boy network if you want, but unlike in politics, this one is not a cabal out for power. And it won’t be limited to “boys” either. This one, loosely speaking, is about the guys who put on the shoulder pads to hit on the line of scrimmage […]Read More

‘Iolani Baseball Team Pulls A Fast One In Victory Over

What goes around comes around. You figure highly successful and cagey Mid-Pacific baseball coach Dunn Muramaru knows a lot of tricks, right? But how many times do his master ploys come back to haunt him because there are coaches all around the state watching what he does and learning from him — even if he […]Read More