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  • April 22, 2021

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Beauty, Eh? ... The 97X Artist Spotlight ... Greta Van Fleet

Rock & Roll is back at its CRANKING best. I have been fortunate enough to beat the curve on the band that is bringing the heavy sound reminiscent of the 1970s to the airwaves -- Greta Van Fleet. The boys from Michigan are officially releasing their second album "The Battle At Garden's Gate" tomorrow (4-16-21). Last night (4-14-21), they played one of the new tracks, "Heat Above," on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." I bought tickets to see them in 2019 in Hawaii, but they canceled and promised to come back. "Heat Above" has a grand groove and, ostensibly, gives a nod to the fighters (of COVID-19, perhaps) and healers among us: "May our tears of rain wash down to bathe you." I have not heard the whole new album, but the performance on Kimmel is below, along with two completely SNAPPING tracks from their first album -- "Safari Song" and "Highway Tune." Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled. These guys are awesome, in my opinion. There are a lot o' critics out there saying they are a ripoff of Led Zeppelin. Boo!!!! These guys have their own thing. And Led Zeppelin, the top dogs of rock bands EVER, was once criticized for stealing from Willie Dixon and other forerunners of rhythm and blues. Dig it. -- Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports HawaiiI

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