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  • September 23, 2021

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10 Most-Read Stories (from Aug. 1 to Aug. 31, 2021)
1. Bishop Gorman's Cameron Barfield Scores Five TDs
As Gaels Knock Off Saint Louis 42-21 (Aug. 20)
2. Saint Louis and Bishop Gorman Finalizing August Game
As Part Of A Home-And-Home Football Series (June 16)
3. KIF Releases Draft Of Revised 2021 Football Schedule,
With Games Starting Oct. 16 (Aug. 27)
4. WOWZERS: ILH Varsity Football Expands!!!
OIA Severely Whittling Its Schedule (Aug. 16)
5. Hawaii High School Football And Other Sports'
In-Person Fan Attendance Is Likley (July 25)
6. COVID-19 Is Already Disrupting Hawaii High School Football Season (Aug. 3)
7. Three Court Cases Involving Hawaii High School Athletics Are Dropped (May 12)
8. PAC-5 Football Coaching Change: Kena Heffernan In; Kip Botelho Out (June 14)
9. LATE SUMMER BUMMER: Hawaii DOE Postpones Football, All Fall Sports (Aug. 4)
10. Hawaii High School Football Returns
With 'Iolani Getting the Best Of Damien, 28-0 (Aug. 27)

97X Song Of The Daze

For me, this was a coming of age album. I started listening to Aerosmith in about 1973, when my sister Cyndi mentioned what I thought she said was a great Boston band named “Errol Smith” and that they had already played in our town’s high school gym. At the time, they had one eponymous album, but followed up with a great second one called “Get Your Wings” in 1974.  I was hooked, so I waited  forever for the next one. Finally, “Toys in the Attic” came out in 1975 and it was, haha, “music to my ears.” Also, I can honestly say nowadays that I was grooving to “Walk This Way” about 100 years before Run/DMC. And so once again I waited for what seemed a really long time until the fourth album, “Rocks,” hit the airwaves in 1976. Wow. It was a cranking good record, and this song, “Back in the Saddle,” is probably Aerosmith at its best, with Joe Perry’s tantalizing guitar licks, a great “hoof” beat on the drums by Joey Kramer, Steven Tyler’s raspy screams, and all kinds of hints of the tough-guy American West. One more pretty good Aerosmith album, “Draw the Line,” came out in 1977 before, imo, the band lost some oomph and strayed from their roots. Take a listen to their mid-1970s power.
— Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii