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  • May 12, 2021

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Beauty, Eh? ... The 97X Artist Spotlight ... Timo Budow

Timo Budow, who is sort of a resident artist here at, is at it again with another three-slide political cartoon. The first frame begins with the line, "There's good news and bad news ..." Enjoy.
-- Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii

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97X Song Of The Daze

It’s doubtful that Cliff Nobles envisioned his 1968 song “The Horse” being played by high school marching bands from coast to coast well into the 21st century. Yet, the instrumental has shown staying power with band directors. In it, the horns wail and the drums rattle. As someone who has covered high school football as a sports journalist since 1981 and who has watched it since 1968, I can attest to the fact that — at least for me — no other piece of music radiates with the pageantry and emotion of  live high school football than this. I heard it on an oldies station last week and got a keen sense that football was in the air (it is not) and that there is a tight deadline for the game story looming. Have a listen and see if it conjures up high school football for you.
— Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii

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