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  • April 12, 2021

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Beauty, Eh? ... This Week's Artist Spotlight ... Robin Reynolds

When I met Robin Scheuer in the late 1980s, she had just started dating one of my Marlboro, Mass., best friends, Peter Reynolds. So, instead of my customary road-trip spot on the passenger side of Peter's jeep, all of a sudden, I was relegated to the back seat. A few years later, the two lovebirds got married. They now reside in North Brookfield with their three daughters. Robin is the artist, which plays perfectly off of Peter, the science guy. Her work is always bright and alive and she is always busy!!! Robin holds a masters of fine arts from Savannah College of Art and Design and has won numerous awards and been featured in many publications. In addition, since 2005, she has held 17 one-person exhibitions in five states. Robin sent over three of her pieces (shown below) to Bedrock Sports Hawaii, all oils on panels: "Limelight, Phlox & Coleus," "Ode to White Flower Farm (large red flower in upper middle)," and "Raspberry Truffle (orange at top, pink on bottom)." You can see much more of her work at "In my paintings, I strive to capture the essence of a place through its growth, bloom and decay," she writes in her artist statement. Email her if you are interested in purchasing any of her pieces. They are all for sale. -- Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii

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— Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii

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