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  • November 30, 2021

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Bedrock Sports Hawaii's

10 Most-Read Stories (from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31, 2021)
1. Seattle Kraken Are Down To 29
Players With Five More Cuts To Go Before Oct. 12 Opener (Oct. 4)
2. The Seattle Kraken's Brandon Tanev Works Like A Dog
And Is Quickly Becoming A Fan Favorite (Oct. 16)
3. Saint Louis And Coach Ron Lee Show Class After Upset Loss (Sept. 25)
4. Ouch: Gritty Philly Gives Seattle
A Smackdown Welcome To The NHL (Oct. 18)
5. Anthony Chrisco's FASCIA-NATING Method Of Healing The Body (Oct. 7)
6. Vegas Golden Knights Fan And Hawaii Hockey Nut Michael Kawazoe
Was There To Witness The Seattle Kraken's Momentous NHL Debut (Oct. 18)
7. Roonui Satta-Ellis' 32-Yard Field Goal In Overtime Pushes
Konawaena Past BIIF Defending Champion Hilo, 24-21 (Oct. 22)
8. COVID-19 Depletes Seattle Kraken Roster By 5
Going Into Tuesday's Historic NHL Opener At The Vegas Golden Knights (Oct. 11)
9. Seattle Kraken Show They Are SEA Worthy By Overpowering Vancouver In Preseason Finale (Oct. 5)
10. Reid Yoshikawa Takes Over For David Tautofi
As Kaimuki Football Head Coach On An Interim Basis (Sept. 20)

97X Song Of The Daze

Led Zeppelin III
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Today’s offering from 1970s Led Zeppelin III is just two minutes, 26 seconds, which means you have time to listen to it. And, oh, there was no need for Led Zeppelin to make it any longer. Tight and power-packed does the job just fine. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll find yourself on a journey with the Norsemen/Vikings and how they “sweep (on) with threshing oar,” driven by the “hammer of the Gods,” eventually becoming “overlords” of the people and places they conquer with a responsibility to bring “peace and trust.” For me, it’s always been a broad-stroke analogy of Led Zeppelin coming to America and ruling the rock scene with Jimmy Page’s awe-inspiring guitar and composition, John Bonham’s booming drums, Robert Plant’s howls, shrieks and whoops and John Paul Jones’ steadfast, impeccable bass and keyboards. So, go ahead, click the video to listen to it. Playing it loud is a MUST.
— Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii