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  • May 15, 2022

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10 Most-Read Stories In March 2022
1. State Wrestling Day 1: Athletes Fight On In Wake Of Tragic Death (March 4)
2. Unexpected Death Of Saint Louis Wrestler Dreddin Villalpando
On The Eve Of The State Tournament Hit The Crusaders' Brotherhood Hard (March 31)
3. A Difficult Story To Write: OIA 186-Pound Final Illustrates That Safety Is Job No. 1 (March 2)
4. Moanalua's Karter Nitahara And Blaze Sumiye Are Bedrock's Nos. 1 And 2
Pound-For-Pound Wrestlers For 2022 (March 13)
5. Erin Hikiji, Haley Narahara And Blaze Sumiye Are Two-Time State Champs
And Moanalua Rolls In Rip-Roaring Finals (March 6)
6. State Wrestling Brackets Are Here; Bedrock Looks At The Expected Hotly Contested Divisions (Feb. 28)
7. Bedrock's Video- And Photo-Palooza From The Texaco/HHSAA Wrestling State Championships (March 7)
8. Arizona State Wrestling Champion Jesse James Octavio-Callejo Is From A Long Kauai Lineage (March 25)
9. Saint Louis' Boston Opetaia And Mililani's Tristan Nitta
Enter p4p Rankings Just In Time For States (March 2)
10. State Wrestling Finals Are Set: Freshmen Joseph Lathwood, Jax Realin
And Mikah Labuanan Are Big Semifinal Winners (March 5)

97X Song Of The Daze

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I remember going to see ZZ Top one summer in the early 1980s at the Cape Cod Coliseum. Most of it is a blur now, but I recall doing the obligatory floor-level walk with my friends ALL THE WAY to the front row. I don’t remember them playing “Cheap Sunglasses” or really caring about what they were playing. It was a party and they were rocking. Through the years, I’ve really gotten to like this song. After all, I used to wear sunglasses at night from time to time. It may have been stupid to most people, but I didn’t care. Peter Reynolds, a good friend, remembers the time when a young woman walked up to me, did not say hello and just blurted out something like, “You’re a tool!!!” I gotta ask Pete what the exact wording was. It was not an expletive, and looking back, it was, however, great diction. I digress from the main point here, which is that “Cheap Sunglasses” is a solid, rocking song, and it’s partly about being who you are. And something that did not really hit home until I heard it the other day — it has really incredible guitar work.
— Nick Abramo, Bedrock Sports Hawaii

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